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Sherman Pole Buildings traces its history to 1976 when Andrew Kelling opened the doors to Kelling Construction.  Since then we have undergone a name change and we’ve expanded our scope. But we remain committed to our old-fashioned values. Through the years, Sherman Lumber has upheld a steadfast commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and customer service. We believe in building quality, functional, and attractive buildings at a reasonable price.

We have developed perhaps the greatest depth of pole building construction, or sometimes known as post frame buildings.  Sherman Pole Buildings has been raising the standard of pole building construction since the start of the business in 1976.  The company specialty is in residential, commercial, and agricultural post frame buildings and has built homes, storage buildings, sheds, airplane hangars, riding arenas, livestock barns, assembly plants, and everything in between.

It is with this vast experience and wisdom that we launched our lumberyard and material supply business catering to Pole Building Contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners. We believe that we are the best there is, at equipping construction contractor partners, and we plan to invest in this effort for the long term.

As a family-owned and operated business we are committed to treating our partners like family, delivering every project to the highest standards. As a leader in our industry, we pride ourselves on our integrity, quality, and experience.

Our Partners Agree

“All my building materials have been delivered 100% on time and 100% correct. This is a guarantee that Sherman Lumber takes seriously, and I really appreciate that!”


“QuickBid has allowed us to increase our revenue through understanding market conditions and being responsive to prospective customers. It also has allowed us to reduce our expenses by leveraging their buying power and reducing administrative overhead.”


In the spring 2005 my father was in the cities renewing his contractor license and bumped into this guy named Steve. From what my dad said Steve was a great guy, very knowledgable and was running his family business called Sherman Buildings and Sherman Lumber.  He was talking to my dad about post frame buildings and how they were looking for builders to purchase their materials from Sherman and that they would supply us with a computer estimating program, reliable service and the best materials to build with. Before this I had been working with many other builders (Northland, Lindquist, Lester, Menards) to name a few and was realizing that I wasn’t making enough money to grow my company the way that I had envisioned or even pay my bills. Ken My father set up a meeting with Steve down in Mora to have me meet him and look what they could possibly do to help us go to the next level (make money). So we met, I was sold, I learned their  system and sold my first building it was a 40x60x14. The way they put together their materials package was very easy to understand and a lot easier than what I was used too. First the materials showed up, Second all of the materials were there and Third it was all very nice lumber, it was mind blowing!  Now one of the things I’ll never forget is how Steve said if you put 100 post frame builders in a room together they all would tell each other that they are the best and that the other guys are doing it all wrong. Sherman has their own way of building which wasn’t a surprise to me since I had built so many other brands of buildings, but they taught fast and easier ways ways to construct buildings with that knowledge and the materials I was on my way to make some money. Steve has since moved on to other things and Ethan has stepped up to take on Steve’s roll.

In 2003 my father Ken and I started  Company is Knutson Custom Construction LLC I have been in business for 14 years we got into the business wanting to do houses and remodeling but at that time it wasn’t in the cards. So we turned to what I knew very well and that was Post Frame buildings we since has gotten back into remodeling and new construction houses.  We also developed a different company called Knutson Buildings LLC. For the Knutson Buildings I sell the buildings and have a subcontractor put them up for me. I still am very involved with the construction part of it but I do let my sub run the show on his jobs sites. Using Sherman makes my life way easier with their surprise and Ethan’s vast knowledge of construction. I can sell a building, set a delivery date and plan on showing up “right”. We still use Sherman Lumber with our parent company, we’ve purchased trusses, lumber, metal and many other items that they can get us. We do use Menards for our local materials (I don’t like too and will never for post frame buildings) and there’s always other local lumber yards we can use but i find it is very difficult to work with them. If the planning is there in advance I will always turn to Sherman to supply me with the materials I need.
Andrew Knutson, Knutson Custom Construction | Knutson Buildings

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Sherman Lumber had its beginnings as an entrepreneurial post-frame builder in 1976 and through the years, we have built an expertise quality material supply. Benefit from our accumulated wisdom and buying power.

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