100% Material List Guarantee


If you order from us at Sherman Lumber, here is our 100% Material List Guarantee to you.

Guarantee ~ You will get 100% of the materials ordered, delivered to your job site.

If this does not happened then there are two potential outcomes:

  1. We will walk through the materials plan and show you where you are wrong, or
  2. We made a mistake (very rare, almost never) and we will expedite the missing components to you doing everything in our power not to disrupt your project.  We’ve had to make a midnight run over 500 miles once (that’s a lot of thinking time), and we were glad to do it.  We stand by our word.

We hope you take advantage of the rest we provide

100% Material List Guarantee. This is unheard of. Who does this? Surely, you cannot be serious?

Yes, we are serious and what the heck, we don’t even mind if you call us Shirley.

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